Language NameEdit


(Pronunciation: we.san)


From Proto-germanic wesan (to be)


Wesan (Highly Irregular)

  1. (Auxilary) used to form the perfect
  2. (Intransitive) to be, linking verb
    Eng: Be


Conjugation of wesan (irregular)
Present Past
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Indicative Singular am ri irt war wart war
Dual ro rodi sind wēro wērodir wēron
Plural rom rod wērom wērod
Subjunctive Singular sjo sjēr sjē wēr wērr wēr
Dual sejo seiþir sein wērei wēreid wērein
Plural seim seiþ wēreim wēreid
Imperative Singular wes
Dual wesad
Plural wisid
Non-finite Infinitive wesan
Participle wesand wesit

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