Old ElvishEdit




From Ancient elvish: Temao (the first high priestess of Atia),From to (first) + mao (priestess)

Tea (Highly Irregular)

  1. (Uncountable)
    Eng: The fabled high priestess of atia.
Nominative Tea
Genitive Teu
Accusative Team
Locative T'e
Vocative Teae
Adessive s'Tea
Apudessive m'Tea
Inessive m'Teu
Intrative s'Tei
Subessive d'Tea
Superessive d'Team
Elative Teo
Allative T'ei
Illative Ti
Perlative Tei
Prosecutive Teä
Contrative Tia against Tea
Conative Tëa with Tea
Inconative Teoa without Tea
Antitive Teya in front of Tea
Abilative Teua from Tea

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