Old ElvishEdit


(Pronunciation: [oln])


From A.elvish olia (different way of speaking),From olea (different) + lia (way of speaking)


  1. Eng: An accent
Singular Plural Notes
Nominative Oln Olnê
Genitive Olnam Olnêm as you can see notes work now too
Accusative Olnas Olnês
Locative Olnet Olnât
Adessive ēdOln ēdOlnê
Apudessive ëdOln ëdOlnês
Inessive ënOln ënOlnêt
Intrative ēnOln ēnOlnât
Subessive ēsOln ēsOlnë
Superessive ērOln ērOlnëm
Elative ēmOln ēmOlnï
Allative ētOln ētOlnït
Illative ēpOln ēpOlnïm
Perlative ādOln ādOlnïs
Prosecutive ädOln ädOlnïm
Contrative ïdOln ïdOlnô
Conative ūsOln ūsOlnôt
Inconative ödOln ödOlnôn
Antitive āsOln āsOlnôs
Abilative ōdOln ōdOlnæ

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