(Pronuncation: kiɹɛɹ) (Regular transitive verb)

  1. To tell
    Ex: Kiria ty hi ðỳher nu!
    I told you not to do that!
Infinitive: kirer
1st person 2nd person 3nd person 0th person
Inclusive Exclusive Animate Inanimate
Present kiro kires kire kiremos kireis kiren
Imperative kiria kirias kiria kiriamos kiriais kirian
Past kire kiriste kiro kirimos kiristeis kirieron
Future kirre kirras kirra kirremos kirreis kirran
Conditional kirria kirrias kirria kirriamon kirriais kirrian
Subjunctive kira kiras kira kiramos kirais kiran
Subjunctive Imperative kiriera kirieras kiriera kirieramos kirierais kirieran
Subjunctive Conditional kirai kiras kira kirafons kirafes kiron

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