(Pronunciation: ˈɪ.mɪr̥)


  • From Proto-Eskimo *ǝmǝʁ (water).


imir n

  1. (Uncountable)
    Eng: Water
  2. (Countable)
    Eng: Body of water
number ergative absolutive genitive vocative postpositional equative
singular imir imirpa imirqa imira! imiriatl- imirtut
dual imirek imirpak imirqak imirek! imirkiatl- imirektut
plural imiret imirpat imirqat imiret! imirtiatl- imirevtut
number from inside through towards with postpositional 2
singular imiriamit imiriami imiriakut imiriamut imiriamik imiriar
dual imirkianit imirkiani imiriavkut imirkianut imirkianik imiriak
plural imirtianit imirtiani imiriatkut imirtianut imirtianik imiriat

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