Old MarterianEdit


(Pronunciation: ˈxai̯.la.ɣan)


From Proto-germanic hailagōną (to hallow)


Hailağan (Regular)

  1. (Transitive) to make something holy
    Eng: Hallow
    Eng: Sanctify


Conjugation of hailağan (weak)
Present Past
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Indicative Singular hailağō hailağēs hailağē hailağdō hailağdēs hailağdē
Plural hailağum hailağud hailağun hailağdum hailağdud hailağdun
Subjunctive Singular hailağu hailağis hailağī hailağdu hailağdīs hailağdī
Plural hailağīm hailağīd hailağīn hailağdīm hailağdīd hailağdīn
Imperative Singular hailağ
Plural hailağid
Non-finite Infinitive hailağan
Participle hailağas hailağdas

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Derived Words:

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