qe i-icllumn fi-egcueaa-organarticulelle, ezsue a inumna iuluiciömna otullhe e,
“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

Fi-egcueaa-organarticulellumn is the longest creïvae word so far. It is a combination of both creïvae and Latin roots what gives it such length. An alternative word milo can be used if a shorter variation is needed.



(Pronunciation: ˈfiʔɪkːwɪæʔoɾgænæɾt͡sɪkulæɬːum)


From fi-egcueaallumn ((fi-egcueaa...llumn) sound creation) + organarticulum ((organarticule) speech organ)


Fi-egcueaa-organarticulellumn (Regular)

  1. (Transitive)
    Eng: To speak, to produce sound using speech organs

Similar words:

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