Old ElvishEdit


(Pronunciation: [elenen])



Elenen (Regular), but morphs due to vowel confliction.

  1. (Intransitive ,Transitive)
    Eng: To write, to scribe
Present Past Future
1st person singular ê'lenein ê'lenos ê'lenkos
1st person plural ē'lenein ē'lenos ē'lenkos
2nd person singular â'lenein â'lenos â'lenkos
2nd person plural ā'lenein ā'lenos ā'lenkos
3rd person singular îyelenein îyelenos îyelenkos
3rd person plural īyelenein īyelenos īyelenkos
Passive Present Passive Past
1st person singular tê'lenein tê'lenus
1st person plural tē'lenein tē'lenus
2nd person singular tâ'lenein tâ'lenus
2nd person plural tā'lenein tā'lenus
3rd person singular tîyelenein tîyelenus
3rd person plural tīyelenein tīyelenus
Present Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple Present Perfect Progressive Past Perfect Progressive
1st person singular rê'lena rê'lenas mê'lenïn mê'lenis
1st person plural rē'lena rē'lenas mē'lenïn mē'lenis
2nd person singular râ'lena râ'lenas mâ'lenïn mâ'lenis
2nd person plural rā'lena rā'lenas mā'lenïn mā'lenis
3rd person singular rîyelena rîyelenas mîyelenïn mîyelenis
3rd person plural rīyelena rīyelenas mīyelenïn mīyelenis
Future Progressive Future Simple Future II Progressive
1st person singular dê'lenö dê'lenôt dê'lenü
1st person plural dē'lenö dē'lenôt dē'lenü
2nd person singular dâ'lenö dâ'lenôt dâ'lenü
2nd person plural dā'lenö dā'lenôt dā'lenü
3rd person singular dîyelenö dîyelenôt dîyelenü
3rd person plural dīyelenö dīyelenôt dīyelenü

Imperative Present Participle Past Participle Gerund Infinitive
forms elenein! elenkós elenkosos elenen elenen

Derived Words:

  • elenin ( paper, anything to write on)

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