From Old Mennisandrian edana (woman), which is the feminine form of edan (person).

Pronouncation IPA: /'ɛdna/</p>


<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[157,203,0,0]}">edna (countable, plural edne)</p>

  1. An adult female human.
  2. A wife.
  3. A devoted housekeeper

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1391,1410,0,0]}">Derived Terms</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1412,1435,0,0]}">dana (mother)</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1437,1458,0,0]}">nana (mommy)</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1437,1458,0,0]}">dina (wife)</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1437,1458,0,0]}">oodna (matriarch)</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1437,1458,0,0]}">ednis (feminine)</p>

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1437,1458,0,0]}">danar (to nurture</p>

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