(Pronunciation: [akaʃa])


In Conlangs Edit

Glosa, Glisa : glosa. From Greek glossa

Lingua: in Interlingua, Esperanto, Lfn (Lingua Franca Nova)

Sabirnuovo : Limba, sabir

  1. (Not Comparable)
    Eng: God, It describes a state of total supremacy.
  2. (Not Comparable)
    Eng: First, Describes the state of primodial being.
    As an adjective, Akasha is always the same, spelled with a capital A.


  1. (Countable)
    Eng: No equivalent, The Mother Goddess.
  2. (Countable)
    Eng: Main goddess, The main deity in polytheistic religions, female.
    Akasha is a name, therefore is spelled with a capital A.

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