(Pronuncation: ɵdj)


Ödj (Irregular)

  1. (Intransitive) (Living)
    Eng: Fly, Fly by magical means
    Ex: '''
    1. Intransitive
      Subject: Flyer
      Direct Object: None
      Indirect Object: None
  2. (Intransitive) (Magical)
    Eng: Float, Float in air byy magical mean
    Ex: '''
    1. Intransitive
      Subject: Floater
      Direct Object: None
      Indirect Object: None

Similar words:

  • (Float in air by own means) Chaja
  • (Float in air by animal means) Oymi
  • (Float in air by mechanical means) Kwöhsky
  • (Fly by own means) Pefö
  • (Fly by animal means) Bjytjö
  • (Fly by mechanical means) Ikhsina

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